Benefits of mulching in gardening This practice can save your plants in frost  ( at some extent) as well as in hard summer.

What is Mulching ? Cover the surface of a plant around its stem with mulch like wheat straw, pea straw, or non-plant-based mulch materials like stones or gravel, etc. To control weed, soil erosion.

Benefits of Mulching practice Loose the soil compaction. Provide good oxygen to the plant root system.. Best for weed control.

Ideal material for Mulching The material you can use for mulching  is crop stems, stalks, dry grass, sawdust, leaves, crop residues, and dry garden biomass.

Mulching for pots Small layer of mulching that happens as  natural falling of leaves of plants in the garden but it’s not possible in case of potted plants. So we need  mulching manually.

Other mulching materials You can use small gravel and stones. If stones-gravels are light in colour they make the plant soil cool whereas dark coloured stones-Gravels make the plant soil warm

So mulching is a very good practice to enrich plants, control weeds, stop soil erosion, and make soil cool around plants