Bermuda grass-Best  grass for golf greens in India

Why this lawn is best for golf courses  see in the next slides

Golf is a game with no standard playing area. It is made with different terrains as a course with golf grass.

Bermuda grass  is priced for its excellent resistance to heat and drought as well as its ability to sustain severe use and swiftly recover.

Due to a mix of features, Bermuda grass is a popular choice for resilient lawns among lawn owners in the united states  & India

Generally, it is a warm season lawn  & Need good drainage and direct sunlight. It spreads through both stolons which are above-ground stems and rhizomes.

Torelent of salt, traffic, heat, and drought  &  High nutrition and Maintenance needs. The common warm-season grasses all have different growth rates, but this grass grows the quickest. 

Compared to most grasses it bounces back faster. Thus it is the best suitable lawn grass for the golf course.

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