Drosera, Aldrovanda, Nepenthes (Pitcher), Utricularia, and Pinguicula are some of the insectivorous plants that may be found in India. 

Carnivorous plants  in India

Venus Fly Trap Dionaea muscipula 

It catches its prey—chiefly insects and arachnids—with a trapping structure formed by the terminal portion of each of the plant's leaves,.

Utricularia Utricularia_aurea

Aquatic carnivorous plant ,widespread suspended aquatic species in Asia. Its native distribution ranges from India to Japan

Credits : Michal Rubeš

Sundew Drosera  sp.

The tentacles are extremely sensitive and will bend toward the center of the leaf to bring the insect into contact with as many stalked glands as possible.

Pinguicula Pinguicula_moranensis

It forms summer rosettes of flat, succulent leaves, ts mucilaginous (sticky) glands that attract, trap, and digest arthropod prey.

Credits : Noah Elhardt 

Aldrovanda Aldrovanda vesiculosa 

The organ of carnivory in Aldrovanda is the snap trap . The trap mechanism is akin to that present in Dionaea Also known as the waterwheel plant

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These plants are specialized in trapping insects and are popularly known as insectivorous plants.

Insectivorous plants have evolved to flourish in environments like acidic bogs where the soil is thin .