An ideal golf course includes the parts like teeing areas, fairways, putting greens, rough, bunkers and penalty areas.

Usually a full 18 hole golf course reserves the 100 to 250 acres of area. And you end up playing at least 7000 yard of area .

You cover 5000 to 7500 yards of length while playing all holes from tee to green. In a 18 hole golf course approximately 

Par is the strokes you hit to play complete play of full course. This is typically 68-74. you will learn this by practically  playing it.

All holes are getting played in the number wise manner

Rough is the thicker or left unmanicured lawn area, you get penalty when ball falls in this area. It’s also hard to stroke from there.

Fairway is the area between the teeing spot to end of the hole that is putting green.  Lawn of the fairway can be different from the green.

A golf always starts at the teeing area and ends at the putting green. This completes the play of one hole.