You can buy grafted plant from Privet local nursery as well as from Government Nursery also. Aonla is the best variety  

How to plant

" Aonla " var. is known for its therapeutic properties. It is a rich natural source of ascorbic acid and polyphenols. -CISH (central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture).

Best Plant variety

Heartburn- As per research amla fruit helps in reduction and severity of heartburn - Healthline

Health benefits -1 

Rich in vitamin C prevent cellular damage thus cures Anti ageing, Have Anti oxidant property. Good for SKIN, HAIR And VISION - Healthline 

Vastu benefits 

Health benefits -2

Rich in amino acids Amla seed also has health  benefits. And good for relieving constipation . Good for cure of bad cholesterol 


As per vastu its good to have Indian gooseberry plant in the periphery of the home. It denote prosperity and good luck

Vastu benefits 

July to September is the best time to plant AMLA plant. For farming you can plant them at a distance of 6 X 6 Meter.

planting time 

Harvesting time is October to February so easily available in the market. So winter is the season to see it tn the market.

Fruits in the market 

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