Which grass is good for lawn in India – selection 1 is best lawn grass in India[2022]

Best lawn grass in India
Selection 1 is best lawn grass in India.

Living in India and as a gardening enthusiast finding which grass is good for lawn in India you’ll find the answer today as a best option to sow in your garden.

A lawn is generally an area planted with grasses, which usually get maintained at a low height. This is usually used for aesthetic and recreational purposes.

Lawns are mostly composed of only grasses, but during maintenance are subject to weed and other plants also grow with them, so we need to do weeding on time.

To define the good lawn. Lawns are main part of the garden.

Every lawn has a different maintenance type.

A properly maintained lawn attracts and provides beauty to the surroundings.
Lawns purify and cool the air.

An average lawn offers the same cooling as 2.5 air conditioners.

It plays an important role in oxygen exchange. A 15 x 15 m turf area will sustain oxygen requirements for a family of 4.

It provides noise abatement and glare reduction.

Nicely maintained lawn increase the aesthetic value of the property.

Selection-1 lawn is best for Indian weather

The average temperature in India is warm and the average is 30degree but it increases more than it in some regions during summer. Ref: www.worlddata.info

So as a whole selection, one grass is very common in India, and it also survives well, it gets thinner in monsoon but regains its charms just after monsoon also.

Growth gets slow in winter but it remains green and good in appearance.

It grows fast in summer. You will experience all this transformation when you once grow it.

Mowing time/frequencies increases in the summer.

Selection one is the best Low maintenance lawn grass in India.

Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) is also known as doob grass, hariyali, Selection-1.

These grasses are another kind of warm-season lawn grasses. 

However, as compared to Bahia grasses, these lawn grasses are more prone to insect infections.

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