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Garden landscaping -Fixing of paver blocks and bricks [2022]

garden design
A look at well-designed garden pavers

Before starting any garden landscaping means planting and outlining the garden before the starting of green work which is the planting of lawns, plants, etc.

We should learn, and understand it’s another sub-step of how to put paver blocks or bricks and walk paths and some civil work.

In the last article, we understood garden landscaping design’s first step which is layout making of selected garden areas from paper to on land.

How to do landscaping of paver blocks and bricks

To design/landscape you can draw on your own or can take the help of an architect, or landscape designer before starting the work on the land.

There are some good garden design software and,

Now we start some practical work which means the garden will start getting its shape.

Before actual work starts to get garden design ideas, you can learn from Garden design books for beginners.

Garden Landscaping

It will be visible by real design made by yourself or an architect or landscape designer. How it looks on real land.

The sole purpose of this blog is to help people start garden design work on their own. So they don’t need to wander here and there for making their own garden. 

Whenever someone or a newbie starts making their garden lots of questions arise in their mind where to start? when to start? What to plant? Which are the plants to plant? How to make walk paths? etc.

If I go more it will be a long list of questions. 

I have just written it for example. So one can not need to go anywhere. I will provide here all articles step by step that what to do first and then what to do next.

The blog is written to make each step worthy and practical to shape your garden beautifully even if you know nothing about gardening.

Still, there is a request that when you start making a garden there may be situations that arise which are not written at all. Because everyone has their own queries. So feel free to contact me.

As you guys understand it’s not possible to cover each and every factor here. Feel free to write to me or comment, it’s a pleasure to answer your questions. 

Now see the image below on how to start the work.

Marking thread and brick arrangement.

Fixing of paver blocks and bricks steps for Garden Landscaping

Here we learn basic garden landscaping design. Not that high-end architectural sober designs. It will be hard to understand in the beginning.

First of all, see the above image for reference. After marking the lines, start digging line by line with “kodali (garden hoe)” and before starting the digging job, remove the thread. Let the marking bar on their space just remove the thread or plastic sutali.

We need to remove the thread before digging because if you dig with “kodali” it may cut the plastic sutali. Don’t go for curvey designs at the start of your first project go simple with straight designs.

For example, you have to dig one 10 feet line so first remove the making thread/ plastic sutali. Then let bar at both ends on their place. Dig how deep you want to as per your paver or brick size.

Now as per your design, you decide by what material you are going to make borders from means you are using bricks or paver blocks, or small walls (one or two feet in height).

For example, if you are using brick then you have to dig its half of the height (horizontally or vertically).

Because we bury half of the bricks by their height ( as per the design you can bury by vertically or horizontally) in the soil for their proper fixture in the soil/ land. As per your design, you can use a paver block also.

After digging now tie the removed thread and adjust the height of the thread from the soil level that how much brick gets in the soil and what part is outside. And now following the thread correctly put bricks one by one in line.

Fix the surrounding soil after completing the one line. This is how your marking or periphery of the garden gets completed.

During this step of DIY garden development, you also need to add walk paths, civil structures, rocky features, a fountain, a small pond, etc. Everything needs to complete in this step before starting any green work/planting.

It gives the actual shape of the garden so you can decide what to plant as per design. Which gives a permanent shape to your garden as well as a complete look. It divides garden features or segments like lawns, ornamental plants, kitchen gardens, and tree plants in a good eye-catching manner.

This will not give you an instant look in the initial stage, because plants, lawns, etc are in the initial stage and not well grown except if you plant well grown good height plants or lawn blocks.

I tried my best to make this garden landscaping (DIY garden) as simple and informative as possible for Garden landscaping of how to put paver blocks and bricks “  But still if you have any doubts or queries then feel free to ask me in the comment section below. 

How to layout garden design- [ Basic guidelines for beginners 2022 ]

How to layout garden design

In this informative article about garden layout planning we just understand the basics which will help you to plan out a whole thing in a simple way so you will not find yourself in between the sea when you actually start making your garden and where to go now. It gives you a complete simple outline of how to develop your own garden by yourself.

Basic steps to layout garden design

  • A basic step to garden layout planning is going to explain today as simply as possible. I am here trying to describe practical planning of the home garden not in so technical way so a beginner can easily understand.
  • First of all, get the total area of the garden. You can measure it in square meters or square feet also.
  • Draw the shape of the actual area on paper and note down the total area. After measurement one can plan what you want to Plant and divide/allot area for features like Lawn, ornamental plants, hedges, topiary, etc.
  • From the total garden area. Means what percent of lawn you want to plan, out of the total area the same as plants, shrubs, topiary, ornamental plants, etc.( **Ornamental plants – a group of the plant which consists mostly of attractive flowering plants as well as some foliage plant also ) 

For beginners in gardening – what a symbolic home garden contains or would have features are as below.

  • Fifty to sixty percent of the total area should be lawn.

  • And left forty to fifty percent area to be covered with hedges, ornamental plants, topiary, etc.

  • Topiary- for example, we plant a casuarina plant grow it to some sufficient height, and then shape it like a square shape, barrel shape, or any bird or animal shape i.e. Peacock, dear, called topiary work or plant. See the below figure.
Topiary features in the garden
  • So you can also add features like walk paths, and fountains in areas other than the lawn.

  • You can see the sample garden below. It’s a ready reference for beginners as well as regular gardening personnel. 
  • Before laying out the garden in the said area do plan it on paper. Draw the same shaped area of your Garden.

  • Then allot a lawn area, and space for ornamental plants, hedges, and topiary (Cut and shaped plants).

  • Hope you guys who are beginners in gardening understood the basics of the garden layout and general planning of the ideal garden.

  • Still, if you have a question about something which is not covered here do comment or email us which are not covered here.
We are here not adding the feature of kitchen garden we will discuss in the future because it's also a wide subject to understand 

At last, I can conclude that you guys got the overview of layout garden design.

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Garden design – How to design a garden


Now we head to the next part of the garden development that is Garden design- How to design a garden  Which is an integral part of garden development on your own. 

As we completed the general understanding of the garden then soil and land preparation and then land preparation now we are at the next important part of garden development that is garden design or designing of the garden. 

After the completion of the steps of the garden development in previous articles. we have the ready well surfaced, leveled land for the planning of all our garden features like lawn, hedges, plants, etc. As we have learned in the last article on land preparation.


Why we make this designing complicated learn easily as below : 

Tools and tackles we need for design a garden

1. White marking powder ( one can use chalk powder “Chuna“) 

2. 5-7 mm thick and 2-3 feet long iron rods ( for the tie to thread  ), one can use bamboo or any wooden sticks at least thick like your thumb with good strength and quality. One can make themselves from scrap wood also. 

3. “Pawda” and “Kodali” for leveling if there is any obstacle found during design to remove it. 

4. And “Tagara” (ghamela) to collect the dirt, debris any other waste collection.

5. Hammer to fit the marking bar/ sticks in the land.

6. Plastic thread/ sutali to tie the marking bars/sticks 

7. Measuring tap.


Process of design layout on land

First of all, you should have a ready design on paper or you may have the design by a landscape architect. 

If you want to make your own design read the general guidelines for it in the previous article written here How to start a garden.

How much part of the garden you want to have a lawn, ornamental plants, flowering shrubs, trees, etc.

As you have the same area drawn on paper and design on paper. Start measuring on prepared land and put marking bar/ sticks on the points. 


How to build a garden practically

For example: Out of the total garden you have a 10×4=40 Square meter area to layout for the lawn. Where 10 is the length and 4 is the width. So it’s gone be a rectangle. Measure it by measure tap.

And the rectangle has four corners. Now it’s four corners are our points to put marking bars/ sticks. 

Then this all for bars fitted on the four corners of the rectangle. Start from anyone with tying thread to anyone bar and return back after tying all the bar in rectangle way to the same bar where you first tied the knot. 

Which makes the full rectangle. Always tie the thread on the bar at least 1 to 2 inches above the surface level not more than it.

After tying the thread now take a needful amount of the Chalk powder or any white marking powder. And then take the gloves on your hand. 

Then take a sufficient amount in your hand keep your hand which has to mark power in it above the thread at least by 2 inches and start dropping the small amount of the powder continuously to make a continuous straight line. 

Then after completing the job now untie the thread and pick up the fitted bars.

Now whatever design appeared is your layout for planting. Now you can make a border with bricks or any hedge plants etc. And area inside the marking with lawn or any plants whichever suitable as per plan/ Design



This is how you can layout the whole garden before planting. All the features should be laid out before starting any plantation or green work.

It defines a space for every feature on land so everything goes as per planning and so nothing gets messed up.

After doing such hard work you get the actual garden shaping up. After that, you can plan the purchase of all the green materials like how much lawn you need, what quantity of plant we need. 

If planning rockery then you can decide how many rocks to buy. Adding any water feature then you can estimate the material also. And above all, you can now plant the planned material.

This literature is like DIY in the garden hope you like it and understand the garden design very practically.

And this is not just to read and learn you can implement it on the go. Still, you have queries. Not understand any of the points here do comment. Feel free to write.

Garden Design- How to design a garden is an important step in making a garden in case of Layout, figure out the need for panting material, as well as the financial costing of the  Garden.



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A new approach to general gardening steps before planing it first time

General gardening things to understand before planning it

Namaste, Guys

Today focus on what and how you could go when you decide to plant a garden.

  • There is one thing you need to do first before making a garden, and that is commitment, passion, hobby, and Patience.

  • If you start making the garden by seeing someone’s garden or a neighbor’s garden or some good garden available on the internet, things will not go longer if it doesn’t contain consistency and commitment.

  • Because whenever you start working on making a garden first the thing to know about plants they will not grow overnight you need to have Patience for the garden to get complete and plants are like newborn babies they need your care, water, supplement, and love after you plant them in the garden).

  • They need daily attention when you plant them in the initial days. Like watering, shallow digging, basing making around them, checking for pest infestations, etc.

  • And then some main things to make a garden are deciding the place, availability of water and sufficient sunlight, planning/designing ( which contains all main stuff like the planting of shrubs, lawns, trees, and Landscaping, walking paths, rocky features, waterbody, water stream, etc.

  • This is for people who are thinking about making a garden and a start-up, I can help you more if you have questions about it, and don’t forget to comment and share this.