Most useful bonsai soil mix India composition

Soil for Bonsai, Every plant needs a medium to grow. So like most other plants soil is a medium where plants grow. It’s the best medium for the bonsai plant also. A quarter of the soil decides the quality of growth of the plant. It’s good to understand basic preparation for soil. There are lots […]

Most common 6 insects on plants in the garden [2022]

The most common problem of plants is pest infestation which makes any plant dull, damaged, die in between the life and cost us also and ruin our caring attachment to plant also. So here we understand types of plant pests and their cure to get rid of them. Some of the insects described here are […]


Table of Contents What is Mulching ?  Benefits of Mulching practice Drawbacks Ideal material for MulchingMulching for plants in pots How to do Mulching for your plant pots and GardenFor Potted plants –For plants in the garden Other mulching materials you can useTime to change mulching Carbon-to-nitrogen ratioConclusion What is Mulching ?   It’s a process of in which […]

6 Trending Plants: Everything you must know about [2021]

If you are a newbie gardener or an experienced gardener it’s good to know about the top trending plants for indoor gardening at your office and home. Gardening is the best exercise to do, regular practice may benefit your health too. Hence you can maintain sensitive Or tender house plants in indoor gardening. Which also […]

IPL 2021 new schedule and maintenance of garden during matches

A less discussed topic on which I am going to explain some checkpoints to save, manage and maintain your garden, kitchen garden, and plants during the matches of IPL 2021 new schedule (Detailed time table attached below). An Ideal match of twenty20 games takes around 90 minutes and official break of 10 minutes, so on […]

Garden landscaping -Fixing of paver blocks and bricks [2021]

Before starting any garden landscaping means planting and outlining the garden before the starting of green work that is the planting of lawn, plants, etc. We should learn, understand it’s another sub-step of how to put paver blocks or bricks and walk paths and some civil work. In the last article, we understood garden landscaping […]

Rainy weather plant care guide [2021]

Today we are going to discuss the handy tips for how to take care of plants in Rainy Weather, you will get the complete answer to this question. We the people of India blessed with the best weather. Especially for the plant’s lover/collector, they have a collection of plants. They care about all three main […]

Fruity does my garden grow…Chocolate Habaneros…

There are no silver bells and cockles shells…but I have seedlings… my garden is growing…welcome to an update… Having found a new market place I am filling my garden with some unusual plants and fruits…from seeds to seedlings all is well…if only I didn’t have to share my seedling with the birds…sigh…if I didn’t feed […]

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