Which tree goddess Laxmi like

According to Hindu mythology, trees represent some of our God also. And we use such tree parts like leaves and fruits in our puja also for ex. Pipal, Neem, Aam, Ashoka and Bilvpatra, Amla etc.

Amla/Avla tree

which tree goddess laxmi like

Most of us don’t know that Ma Goddess Laxmi is fond of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) fruit.

You can offer this fruit to her in puja

How Amla existed :

As the legend says amla fruits came into existence as a result of “Samudra Manthan “. Some old saying also refers to MA Laxmi residing in the Amla tree.

During the month of Magsar, she can also be worshiped by the Amla plant’s leaves.

Ashoka tree (Saraca Asoca)

As per Hindu mythology ashoka tree is good for bringing love and happiness to those who plant this tree.

The gods associated with this tree are Ma Laxmi, Ma Saraswati, and Lord Shiva.

Banana Tree

Exactly banana tree is worshiped by women. And this tree symbolizes Brihspati, Lord Vishnu, and Ma Laxmi.

It is said that if women worship a banana tree, especially on Thursday she may get the desired life partner.

which tree goddess laxmi like

You can offer water and diya to worship a tree and Circumambulate it. For detailed puja, one should consult Registered Jyotish Acharya.

Palash tree

One particular tree, known as the Palash tree, is particularly significant to Hindu rites. Offering goddess Laxmi white palash flowers is the proper thing to do if one wishes to have happiness and tranquility in their home.

This will bring an abundance of enjoyment into life.

So as per the available information, we answer the question -Which tree goddess Laxmi like:- We can conclude that Ma Goddess Laxmi likes the tree of Amla, Asoka, and Banayan.


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