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A new approach to general gardening steps before planing it first time

A new approach to general gardening steps before planing it first time

General gardening things to understand before planning it

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Today focus on what and how you could go when you decide to plant a garden.

  • There is one thing you need to do first before making a garden, and that is commitment, passion, hobby, and Patience.

  • If you start making the garden by seeing someone’s garden or a neighbor’s garden or some good garden available on the internet, things will not go longer if it doesn’t contain consistency and commitment.

  • Because whenever you start working on making a garden first the thing to know about plants they will not grow overnight you need to have Patience for the garden to get complete and plants are like newborn babies they need your care, water, supplement, and love after you plant them in the garden).

  • They need daily attention when you plant them in the initial days. Like watering, shallow digging, basing making around them, checking for pest infestations, etc.

  • And then some main things to make a garden are deciding the place, availability of water and sufficient sunlight, planning/designing ( which contains all main stuff like the planting of shrubs, lawns, trees, and Landscaping, walking paths, rocky features, waterbody, water stream, etc.

  • This is for people who are thinking about making a garden and a start-up, I can help you more if you have questions about it, and don’t forget to comment and share this.

How to start a garden- A beginner’s guide [2022]

How to start a garden – general understanding

How to start a garden. First of all when we think of making a garden first question in our mind is, where to start a garden? After understanding the basics here it will not be a big thing how to start a garden.

So, Here I mean that person or people who like or want to learn but don’t know when and where to start a garden so here I am going to help them make the first step towards garden making and developing.

Now you can start a garden as a beginner with small means first to make a small garden. In the below literature, you can learn how to start. Then you can decide what to grow.

Before learning gardening here is the definition of the garden ” A Garden is the place or area adjacent to home or in the city which consists of the basic features like Lawn, hedges, shrubs, ornamental plants, topiary plants, walking paths”. In addition, it may have other features like a rockery, fountain, water streams, evening lighting, and vegetable corner.

The main articles we cover here are as below :






How to start a garden

When we first think of making a garden what we need is a place/land for making a garden.

Now when it comes to place, the first question is where to plant a garden then you have to decide the place which has maximum sunlight around your home. It’s helpful for people who are planning their home so they can decide on a place with full sunlight.

And you can decide the best spot which you feel is convenient for you. but a variety of plants going to plan like this as availability of the sunlight.

Thus the people who have already ready-built homes and have some small or big place planned by the architect, but place not in a full sunlight direction.

Here comes another solution. That garden will be planned as the availability of sunlight like how much area to cover the lawn, if the shade is more than expected then the `need to plant shade lover plant varieties etc.

A unique garden consists of basic features like :

  1. Lawn
  2. Hedges
  3. Shrubs
  4. Ornamental plants
  5. Topiary plants
  6. Walking paths
  7. Water streams or water-body with aquatic plants, 8. Rockery with succulents and
  8. Desert plants,
  9. Evening lighting
  10. Vegetable corner
  11. A rose garden with some English/dutch roses, etc. (Garden feature is a detailed subject we will discuss in the future) 

So here in the briefing of this discussion about how to start a garden is like the first step towards your start of making a first garden or Project.

For any queries about starting a garden, we will try our best to answer them, I will be very happy to solve your query even if you own a garden and have difficulty regarding daily gardening, do comments.

There is more we can learn and discuss on this topic, do reply below question to have more posts on this subject.

We are here to make this blog unique, useful, and meaningful in case of the practical applicability of the knowledge shared here.

We are providing an article here after years of practical knowledge and today we started with our first article on how to start a garden.


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