Best grass for lawn In India

Top 3 types of lawn grass for a garden lawn with grass names. Which is good and survives in different weather conditions of India.

Systematically planned and placed lawns make the color and texture of your garden floor.

It serves the comfortable look for outdoor activity while relaxing with the landscape.

It’s the most used and loved lawn by the look and by maintenance also. And best grass for lawn in India when it’s come to maintenance, weather adaption, and fewer termite problems.

1 Selection one lawn

You can grow it with seeds, cuttings, and ready-made turf blocks available in your local nurseries.

2 Carpet lawn

A little bit spiny, you can feel it by walking and seating on the carpet lawn. It slightly stings while sitting on it when not mowed.

Nowadays it’s in demand for a short time garden project completion. Mostly in city planning and quick fit.

It’s good to stop stubborn weed areas. And very strong and thick compared to other two lawns

3 Rough lawn (paspalum)

It’s a lawn for shady and semi-shade areas still it grows nicely below the open sky. Paper-like thin leaves.

Need regular watering, gets down on irregular watering. In too hot weather leaf edges get burned. It feels soft compared to a carpet lawn while walking barefoot.

Grow this lawn manually by planting root-bearing lawn cutting at a distance of 0.50 to 0.50 foot (leaving measurement around each cutting).

These are the best grass for lawn in India.

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