Top 3 types of lawn grass for garden- 2022 [beginners guide]

Today we discuss the Top 3 types of lawn grass for a garden lawn with grass names and pictures. Which is good and survives in different weather conditions of India.

If systematically planned and placed lawns make the color and texture of your garden floor. A well-drained loan helps you satisfy both functional and aesthetic needs. It serves the comfortable look for outdoor activity while relaxing with the landscape.

 types of lawn grass for garden - 2022
types of lawn grass for garden – 2022

For good and healthy lawn development it requires work and patience.
Trends change, as per time sometimes gardens gets design with big part among the total garden area and a sometimes small part of the lawn.

Maintenance of the lawn is easy yet not that easy. Because if we follow the proper procedure of its regular maintenance then its not that difficult to manage good appearance of the lawn.

But if not so regular maintain that on regular basis it becomes difficult to get a good appearance in the long run.

For a planting lawn how to make land preparation for the garden we just learned in the previous article here.

After that, you can go for the planting of the lawns.

top 3 types of lawn grass for a garden
Golf garden lawns

There are 3 types of lawn grass for a garden lawn which are best selected for most of the gardens and also types of lawn grass in India.

1 Selection one

2 Carpet lawn

3 Rough lawn

we understand each lawn type step by step below:

1 Selection one lawn –

It’s the most used and loved lawn by the look and by maintenance also. and best grass for lawn in India when it’s come to maintenance, weather adaption, and fewer termite problems.

top 3 types of lawn grass for a garden
Selection one lawn

In a multi-weather-like situation, it sets good and some warm weather is good for it. Like in India it’s mostly used in gardens.

You can grow it with seeds, cuttings, and ready-made turf blocks available in your local nurseries.

How to grow these types of lawn grass? You can see the video below.

The video is in Hindi language but you can watch it to do it practically.

In the winter its growth slows due to cold. You can see it. As it bears low height shoots. But still, it maintains a green look.

And in monsoon it gets thin and long you can see its scattered look earth below it you can easily see it.

This means its density gets lowest than a whole year.

We have to regularly mow it to get an even carpet-like green look. At least 10 days of the interval is good if you are managing a domestic garden like a home or farmhouse or community hall etc.

Whereas if you are having big areas than it like cricket ground, football ground you can search the schedule to 15 days not more than this.

2 Carpet lawn

It’s not like the first one, it’s kind of hard leaves than the other two lawns described here.

top 3 types of lawn grass

A little bit spiny, you can feel it by walking and seating on the carpet lawn. It slightly stings while sitting on it when not mowed.

Nowadays it’s in demand in a short time garden project completion. mostly in city planning and quick fit.

Because it’s easily available in ready-made blocks in the dimension of 1×2 square feet piece.

So you have to just make the land ready and leveled and then start putting these blocks not leaving the space in between.

It’s good to stop stubborn weed areas. And very strong and thick compared to the other two lawns selected one and rough lawn. The carpet lawn nicely fights Cyprus weed expansion. Not completely stops it but it controls it by 60-70% approximately.

You can also grow this lawn manually by planting root-bearing lawn cutting at a distance of 0.75 to 1 (leaving measurement around each cutting).

3 Rough lawn (paspalum)

It’s a lawn for shady and semi-shade areas still it grows nicely below the open sky. Paper-like thin leaves.

top 3 types of lawn grass for a garden
Rough lawn (paspalum)

Need regular watering gets down on irregular watering. In too hot weather leaf edges get burned. It feels soft compared to a carpet lawn while walking barefoot.

It’s not dense as carpet lawn and selection one lawn so have some weed seen. Thus need regular weeding the interval of a few days.

Grow this lawn manually by planting root-bearing lawn cutting at a distance of 0.75 to 1 (leaving measurement around each cutting).

At least 10 days of the interval is good if you are managing a domestic garden like a home or farmhouse or community hall etc.

For mowing, we can use three to four types of machines (I will write a detailed article on it).

So here we complete the brief learning of types of lawn.

Winters are the best period for giving Fertilizers to any lawn. Because most of the lawns need chemical Fertilizers for their better look after establishment.

These chemical Fertilizers (ex. Urea) are warm in nature. So during the bulk application, it’s good to choose winter. So burning of lawn shoots can be avoided compared to summer application. It’s OK to apply such Fertilizers in any weather but winter is a better option.

The best fertilizer for lawn grass in India

One of the best fertilizers for the Top 3 types of lawn grass for a garden lawn as explained above are UREA, COMPOST/FYM, and vermicompost

Urea for lawn grass :

It’s the main source of nitrogen its also widely used in agriculture also. But here lawn development and maintenance are to make it lush green and healthy.

It’s available in crystal form. And contains 46% nitrogen.

It can be applied to soil as a solid and as a foliar spray.

Slow-release Urea is also available in the market which is useful for these 3 types of lawn grass, parks, and golf courses.

The very basic style you can apply to the lawn is to get your hands palm-full of it and through widely as much area you can cover, this is enough for any regularly maintained lawn.

After application of the urea watering is a must, at least for 4-5 days two times a day if possible, or one time a day with a good amount of water. And yes immediately after spreading the Urea on the lawn.

After the application of the Urea, we should not break the watering schedule as I said above. Otherwise, the are chances of the burning of the lawn.

COMPOST/FYM for lawn grass :

compost is the best organic natural Fertilizer which is full of microorganisms.

It’s the microorganisms that play a vital role in the development of the grass or any crop as well.

They covert the nutrition content

available to the soil.

VERMI-COMPOST for lawn grass: 

Its made from the decomposition of earth soil by the earthworms(as used mostly in India), red wigglers, and white worms.

So without wandering here and there for where to start and how to start garden lawn planting.

Here, we learned which lawn to be planted for our garden as per our location, sunlight, and choice we learned Top 3 types of lawn grass for the garden lawn.

Extra care points

Whatever types of lawn grass type you grow as per your requirements, all lawns are good as per particular accommodation. If you noticed over a period of time all lawn gets down, weeding frequencies increases. Even an overall look can get a dull little bit.

So there are two ways to get it done one by replanting and the other by some series of practices.


In Replanting, you need to scrape all the existing laws and then the same lawn can be replanted by screening them for weeds carefully. only healthy shoots can be selected.

An open scraped area needs to plow or a rotavator can be moved and the backyard garden can be deep dug manually with a pickaxe ( always check for safety like underground electric cables, pipelines, etc. You can read more after practice for growing lawn.

Practice other than Replanting

And in other practices when you don’t need to replant you need to dethatch your lawn and after dethatch, you can move the lawnmower on it to collect the dethatched lawn (see video below).

Dethatching of Garden Lawn

Then you can spread the soil mixture to rejuvenate A generalized ideal mixture of earth soil 80% + fine sifted river sand not more than 20% to maintain the porosity.

You can add pesticide (*while using pesticide always check and follow safety rules) for termite treatment or any other pest problem.

Also add Urea or FYM (compost) or vermicompost.

Above all gardening practices is suitable for all three types of lawn grass


  • Always water a day before a lawn mowing which gives a complete horizontal cut to each lawn leaf. which gives an overall well-furnished look in a mass. like masters cut.
  • Always water the lawn in the morning for good retention of the water. It gives good health against irregular timing of watering.
  • If any pest appears on the lawn and you want to spray the pesticide over the lawn it’s good to choose a time of 4 to 6 o’clock in the evening, it gives good results. Hard sun to be avoided for any burning effects on leaves of lawns.

Above are the best grass for lawn.

If you are a newbie gardener do visit how to start a garden.

Do you find helpful details about the 3 types of lawn grass for the garden lawns? then do share

which grass is good for lawn in india?

In India and in tropical and semi-tropical areas three best lawns are :
1 Selection one
2 Carpet lawn
3 Rough lawn (paspalum).
Most commonly used in India and other countries as well.

What is the softest lawn grass?

Selection one lawns are the best and soft as most commonly used in India. It’s low maintenance also.

Can dry lawn grass become green when planted?

Not at all but it depends, but before what time ago it got uprooted is matters. If roots are live there may be chances of survival.

How can I improve my lawn grass?

One can improve it by regular watering at least one time a day, it’s good to water in the morning.
Dethatching of the lawn mostly can be good as per the requirement of the lawn.
Lawn mowing at least two times a month for even growth.
And insect treatment if required.
Regular fertilization at least three times a year.

Can dry lawn grass become green when planted

Yes, regular watering may get results. But not at all it depends, before what time ago it got uprooted is matters. If roots are live there may be chances of survival.

Do read the full article for complete understanding and don’t forget to share, and comment.

Top 3 types of lawn grass for garden- 2022 [beginners guide]
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