Introducing: New practices for healthy preparation of soil for garden, 2022

Land Preparation
Land Preparation for garden

In a journey of How to start a development/making of a garden. preparation of soil for garden is an important step to follow during it.

The First step for garden development is the preparation of land also we can’t refer to it as soil preparation it’s a different thing. How to prepare a land we understand as below.

General discussion about soil is discussed in this blog do not mix it with land preparation be clear any doubt comment below, it’s completely different from each other. But here we start working on practical steps of making land suitable for shaping our garden on it. Means planting of lawns, shrubs, herbs, trees, etc.

take note that this is also an important step before executing the garden.


Preparation of soil for garden/ Land preparation for garden

What are the steps of the preparation of soil? There are three main steps for the preparation of soil for garden as described below :


  • Most in the case before the development of garden lands were found shabby for example a garden patch left after construction which found with some debris and land, not in use for long found with heavy weeds and scrap, etc.

  • So first of all for land preparation for the garden remove the dirt, debris, and weeds from the assigned/particular area finalized for garden development.

  • Now water the whole area in which we are going to develop a garden. If there are monsoons and the area is wet then no need to water it.

  • In a dry season give it a flood watering. Then let it dry till the day when you put the foot open on land and the foot doesn’t have sticky soil on it. Which means it’s an ideal soil for plowing.

  • Then dig the soil by tractor cultivator or plow (as the requirement of your land). And after that move a rotary mover on it. One can do shallow digging by “Kodali” and then level it with “Pawda” also if the garden area is small (means home garden etc).

  • Now the question arises in the mind why is such hard work done? The answer is all these practices make soil aeration, porosity, and water holding capacity good for all the green stuff we are planning to grow on that land.


  • In this step, we level the land after the completion of digging/plowing.

  • While the execution of leveling soil moisture of the land would be 20-10% not more than this otherwise wet soil will stick to leveling tools, which may lead to improper preparation of land.

  • In a small garden, you can do leveling with handheld tools like “Pawda” and in a big area, leveling can be done by tractor levelers of heavy-duty leveling machines in case of large projects.



  • Here we define the GRADIENT of land as 1 and 0 where 1 is the highest level of the land assigned for the garden and 0 will be the lowest point of the garden area. Now one question in your mind arises what is the need for GRADIENT in the making of the garden? The answer is as below.

  • A well-directed GRADIENT of the garden makes a good way out for water we provide to the garden lawn and plants. So as the soil becomes well-drained and it arranges good aeration for the plant root zone.

  • If we do not follow this step this may cost us in the latter. If not checked well during leveling there are waterlogged areas that get left, and waterlogging is very bad for most of the garden plants. Occurs in root rot and then you buy chemicals to cure it and so on.

  • In the long-run well-leveled garden go very good for sustainability and good health of lawn and plants so as for the beauty of the  GARDEN. 

  • So as part of learning how to start a garden initiative, you got the most basic of PREPARATION OF SOIL FOR GARDEN.

Have questions? Feel free to comment I’ll reply.

How do you prepare land for a garden?

1. First of all water the raw land after it gets dry dig well manually or by a tractor.
2 Remove unwanted weed, debris, and dirt.
3 Plowing for good aeration of the soil for the plant’s root zone. Which helps the plant flourish.
3 Level the land and set the water gradient for well-draining of water.
4 Apply the base fertilizer (EX. DAP) or Any organic fertilizers before planting any green stuff (plants, lawns, etc.)
5 Do termite or insect treatment that is already in the soil.
This practice makes the soil completely ready for the garden.

What soil to use to start a garden?

1. What soil consists of is ingredients like sand, clay, Chalk, and humus. The best mixture of these ingredients makes the loamy soil.
2. Ideal garden soil consists of sufficient plant food for maximum growth, maximum loam texture, a substantial amount of humus, and a well-drained subsoil.

Why is there a need to prepare the land for planting?

1. Because when you plant a plant fertilizer does not get stolen by weeds, it goes to your plant.
2. Ploughed land provides the best aeration to plant root zones.
3. A prior insecticide treatment makes plants free from soil-born diseases.
4. A good level makes the garden free from water logging in all seasons with monsoon also.
5. this makes the garden sustainable for a long.

What are the 5 steps in land preparation?

1. Watering is the first step, it makes the land soft before starting out the land preparation work.
2. Ploughing – is important for good aeration for your future plans.
3. Insecticide treatment makes plants free from soil-borne diseases and makes land free from diseases.
4. Leveling to set water draining gradient to avoid waterlogging
5. Fertilization of the soil by base fertilizer like DAP (Diammonium phosphate) instead of NPK

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