Soil for garden [2022]

Soil for garden
Soil for garden.

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While understanding of step by step gardening today we discuss the main and basic factor that is SOIL for the garden.

What soil consists of is ingredients like sand, clay, Chalk, and humus. The best mixture of these ingredients makes the loamy soil.

Soils are classified into 8 categories. Alluvial Soil, Laterite Soil, Black Cotton Soil, Red soil, Mountainous or Forest Soils, Arid or Desert Soil, Saline and Alkaline Soil, Peaty, and Marshy Soil are the categories of Indian Soil.

Ideal garden soil for garden consists of sufficient plant food for maximum growth, maximum loam texture, a substantial amount of humus, and a well-drained subsoil.

But soils differ land by land there are chances your garden soil is near to ideal or far from ideal soil. So what you have to do first is take a sample of soil to the nearest soil testing laboratory. 

There are some private as well as government soil testing laboratories available in India.

Soil for garden
Soil for garden

How to take samples it’s simple don’t we need to go very deep in the study as we are not planning any agricultural crop? I will explain soil sampling in the next article about soil sampling.

Here we are discussing top soil for garden, where top soil means: surface soil usually including the organic layer in which plants have most of their roots and which the farmer turns over in plowingMerriam-webster

It generally analyzes macronutrients like carbon, P, K & pH, sulfur, and micronutrients (S, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu)

Get a detailed report of the soil and check for an element that is lacking and which is in rich amounts. They also recommend Fertilisers to add to make ideal soil.

So you can make the ideal soil before gardening and also treat your soil before garden planning, providing recommended based fertilizers.

As you complete the stage of top soil testing in the planning of gardening it’s like a “battle half won”, its benefits garden plants in the long period in future in regards to fertility and healthy growth of the plants and lawn grown in the garden.

This is how you can get the soil for garden done.

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