Top lawn care tips 2023

Best practicla guide lines to maintain lawn

Always water the lawn in the morning for good retention of water. It gives good health against irregular timing of watering.

If any pest appears on the lawn and you want to spray the pesticide over the lawn it’s good to choose a time of 4 to 6 o’clock in the evening, it gives good results

 To  avoid burning effects on leaves of lawns while spraying pesticides do not choose hard sun timings

Give some light dose of DAP fertiliser for long-term base fertilizer Don’t forget to apply termiticide before laying the blocks

We have to regularly mow it to get an even carpet-like green look. At least 10-15 days of the interval is good if you are managing a domestic garden like a home or farmhouse or community hall etc.

If you mow lawn late and deep then you can have exposed stems roots and a pale yellowish look. So avoid such things and cut lawn on time.