Garden layout planning – simple guidelines for beginners IN GARDENING

garden layout planning - simple guidelines for beginners in gardening

In this informative article about garden layout planning we just understand basic which will help you to plan out a whole thing in a simple way so you will not found yourself like in between the sea when you actually start making your garden and where to go now. It gives you a complete simple outline of how to develop your own garden by yourself.

Basic steps to garden layout

  • A basic step to garden layout planning is going to explain today as simply as possible. I am here trying to describe practical planning of the home garden not so technical way so a beginner can easily understand.
  • First of all, get the total area of the garden. You can measure it in square meters or square feet also.
  • Draw the shape of the actual area on paper note down the total area. After measurement one can plan what you want to Plant and divide/allot area for features like Lawn, ornamental plants, hedges, topiary, etc.
  • From the total garden area. Means what percent of lawn you want to plan, out of the total area the same as plants, shrubs, topiary, ornamental plants, etc.( **Ornamental plants – a group of the plant which consists mostly  attractive flowering plants as well as some foliage plant also ) 

For beginners in gardening – what a symbolic home garden contains or would have features are as below.

  • Fifty to sixty percent of the total area should be lawn.
  • And left forty to fifty percent area to be covered with hedges, ornamental plants, topiary, etc.( Topiary- for example, we plant a casuarina plant grow it to some sufficient height and then shape it like square shape, barrel shape or any bird or animal shape i.e. Peacock, dear, called topiary work or plant.
  • So as you can also add features like walk paths, fountains in areas other than the lawn.
  • You can see the sample garden below. It’s a ready reference to beginners as well as regular gardening personnel. 
  • Before laying out the garden on the said area do plan it on the paper. Draw the same shaped area of your Garden.
  • Then allot a lawn area, space for ornamental plants, hedges, and topiary (Cut and shaped plants).
  • Hope you guys who are beginners in gardening understood the basic about garden layout and general planning of the ideal garden. Still, you have a question about something which is not covered here do comment or email us which are not covered here.
We are here not adding the feature of kitchen garden we will discuss in the future because it's also a wide subject to understand 

At last I can conclude that you guys got the overview of garden layout planning.

Garden layout planning – simple guidelines for beginners IN GARDENING
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