IPL 2021 new schedule and maintenance of garden during matches

IPL 2021 new schedule
IPL 2021 new schedule and maintenance of garden during matches.

A less discussed topic on which I am going to explain some checkpoints to save, manage and maintain your garden, kitchen garden, and plants during the matches of IPL 2021 new schedule (Detailed time table attached below). An Ideal match of twenty20 games takes around 90 minutes and official break of 10 minutes, so on average, it took three and half hours. In 31 days, IPL New Schedule 2021 schedules 24 days match timings on 7:30 PM and 7 days match timings on 3:30 PM

How you can manage garden during IPL 2021 new schedule.

  • Are you a garden and plant lover and fond of IPL cricket? then this is the guide for you to manage it during IPL 2021.
  • Mostly we spend evening hours to our garden after job or business, and in this IPL 2021 new schedule, most of the IPL 2021 matches are scheduled at 7:30 PM.
  • So you can manage the garden during match hours as per the few instructions written, I have figured out time schedule to manage the garden, kitchen garden, and plants
  • If you have a big garden you can arrange watering by drip, during watch hours.
  • Ignoring water during these match days can be bad for plants, so check for plants who need regular or alternate water per day. manage to water them before the match start.
  • Exactly it’s monsoon season going, so there is no problem with pots or garden below the open sky, but one that has a collection as indoor garden and collection of pots they need timely care.
  • Even pots in the open garden need to be put below the roof or shade to avoid overwatering and overflowing of soil mixture from the pot due to heavy rain.
  • If you are a full day job personnel like 9 AM to 5 PM or 6 PM timings job and fond of IPL 2021 match. You can manage to have 40 minutes to 1 hour till 7.30 pm and no problem you can manage any home garden in that time span.
  • There are two Sundays during this IPL 2021 matches. So for jobs like shallow digging, pest treatment, cleaning of leaves your care and maintain them on that days for enough care.
  • Starting from 19/9/21 to 15/10/21 here all matches are on every day except off days on 9/10/21, 12/10/21, and 14/10/21, you can also utilize these days in between for garden and plant or kitchen garden maintenance
  • For garden plant care in Rainy weather and House plant care, you can read articles on this blog in the Urban gardening section.

IPL 2021 new schedule :

IPL 2021 New Schedule is out by BCCI. They now released IPL 2021 New Schedule. Consistent with this new schedule, now IPL 2021now starts from 19 September 2021.

The ultimate match of IPL goes to be very exciting. Earlier, IPL games had to be interrupted because of Corona. IPL is now being launched from 19 September by large demand of the audience.

31 matches of the Indian Premier League were left because of IPL being interrupted. Now, these matches are divided on the thought of 10 doubleheaders, 7 single headers, and 4 playoffs.

Match NoMatchDateTime
31MI vs CSK19/09/20217:30 PM
32KKR vs RCB20/09/20217:30 PM
33Punjab Kings vs RR21/09/20217:30 PM
34DC vs Sunrisers Hyderabad22/09/20217:30 PM
35MI vs KKR23/09/20217:30 PM
36RCB vs CSK24/09/20217:30 PM
37DC vs RR25/09/20213:30 PM
38Sunrisers Hyderabad vs Punjab Kings25/09/20217:30 PM
39CSK vs KKR26/09/20213:30 PM
40RCB vs MI26/09/20217:30 PM
41Sunrisers Hyderabad vs RR27/09/20217:30 PM
42KKR vs DC28/09/20213:30 PM
43MI vs Punjab Kings28/09/20217:30 PM
44RR vs RCB29/09/20217:30 PM
45Sunrisers Hyderabad vs CSK30/09/20217:30 PM
46KKR vs Punjab Kings1/10/20217:30 PM
47MI vs DC2/10/20213:30 PM
48RR vs CSK2/10/20217:30 PM
49RCB vs Punjab Kings3/10/20213:30 PM
50KKR vs Sunrisers Hyderabad3/10/20217:30 PM
51DC vs CSK4/10/20217:30 PM
52RR vs MI5/10/20217:30 PM
53RCB vs Sunrisers Hyderabad6/10/20217:30 PM
54CSK vs Punjab Kings7/10/20213:30 PM
55KKR vs RR7/10/20217:30 PM
56Sunrisers Hyderabad vs MI8/10/20213:30 PM
57RCB vs DC8/10/20217:30 PM
58Qualifier 110/10/20217:30 PM
59Eliminator11/10/20217:30 PM
60Qualifier 213/10/20217:30 PM

And IPL 2021 New Schedule FINAL on 15th October 2021 at 7:30 pm.

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