how to grow lawn GRASS-(2022)which can give your garden a lush green look

Lawn grass

The ‘how to grow lawn grass is the main task and its central part of the garden. It provides green canvasing to the whole garden. And the rest of the garden is getting arranges surrounding it. you need to plant a lawn grass type as per your requirement means is it going to used for play are or general-purpose. If for general-purpose soft regular lawns grass is ok (i.e.Selection one, Rough lawn).

Today we are on the topic of how to grow lawn grass. In the last article, we just learned how to pave the borders. Bricks and paver blocks shape the overall look of the Garden. Now we start or head to planting work.

Whenever you start to learn how to grow lawn grass one thing is to keep in mind that two periods of the year are good to grow a lawn. One is in the summer and the other is

How to grow lawn grass- it consist two parts

One is green part and other is the technical part.

Now you guys will say what is the green part and what is technical part let me explain it.

1. Green part: –

Means whatever we plant and which grows over time for example planting a Tree, Shrub, grow lawn grass, etc.

2. Technical part

It means a basic work of making soil leveling, digging, plowing, and making of Paver block fitting. And some civil work like making of Fountain, water bodies for some aquatic plants, fishpond, etc.

A lush green lawn

Today we learn to plant Garden lawns. Because in most cases a typical Garden consists of 50 To 60 percent lawn area. And it also takes time to grow if you sawing it by planting lawn cuttings from any other established healthy lawn. Or you may buy readymade lawn blocks available in the market or by seed spreading also.

We grow lawn as the first part of the garden green work.  Because it took around 2 to 3 months for a complete grown green cover like Look. Which will not have vacant spaces in between lawn plants. 

You get the complete green cover-like appearance after sawing the lawn in and around 2-3 months in tropical weather. Some warm weather suites it when you plant a lawn. In some weather conditions, it may take 4-5 months also.

Lawn development (How to grow lawn grass) consists of three steps as below:

The first step for grow lawn grass is base Fertilization (Fertilization of the soil). The second is insect and termite treatment to soil and the third is sawing off the lawn. The fourth step is regular watering. And the last step is loan mowing by lawnmower machines on regular basis.

After following the above steps you get the complete green carpet-like lawn at the end of these practices. On the basis of in which weather format you are planting a lawn may stretch the growth of the lawn. So sometimes it may 4 to 5 months to take a complete appearance.

Now why we choose to plant a lawn first. Because in most cases a typical Garden consists of 50 To 60 percent of lawn area.

    1.   Fertilization of the soil for growing lawn grass

Now we discuss/ understand the fast step that Fertilization of the soil before planting a lawn.  As we just studied and understood the basic step of land preparation in the previous article here in this blog.  So you may find the detailed land preparation in that article.

Here we have completely prepared land as we learned in the past article.  Meanwhile, we have to spread some part of FYM that is farm Yard manure. “Matlab desi animal ke Gobar mein se Bani Hui Sukhi Khad” and DAP is a chemical granule fertilizer that has full form of Di Ammonium phosphate.  

This is considered and useful as a base fertilizer for planting lawns in any crop on the farms.  It has a slow-releasing capacity.  So meanwhile it provides a parallel supplement of nutrients to the lawn as it develops day by day.

The requirement for the area can be calculated as below 

Approximately 2 kg DAP and 10-15 kg FYM for the area of 

10 x 10 feet = 100 square feet area. 

It’s a general base fertilizer requirement.  But as we discussed soil here in the previous article that how to prepare your Soil before starting a Garden.  

At their, we discussed the soil testing report which we get after the testing of our Soil.  So you may have different requirements for the fertilization of your soil. Then you need to follow those fertilizer recommendations instead of the ideal dose described here.

   2.   Clear soil from insects

    Now the second step is to remove insects from the soil, termites etcetera, etc. For removal use some insecticides which are available in the market. And go to the nearest agro pesticides supplier/vendor and ask them for termite removal chemicals and application dose it before applying it to your Garden.

If you have children at your home you have to be careful while using these chemicals. As they are poisonous, so after each use put it in a lock and key situation or storage. If not completely used.  And if used completely then dump the pacing properly from out of reach of the children.

You can also ask a pesticides vendor for its detail and storage guidelines. As you may have questions that why doing Or following this step. We are especially doing this step for the removal of termites which are usually found in most soils.

If we do not remove this termite from this soil it will eat the roots of the newly planted lawn cuttings. And if we grow lawn by seeds then why do we need this termite application? So here I am explaining that if you grow by seed  It’ll grow as a baby plant in the future. 

And that plant also has a root zone, it can be damaged by termites. So whatever planting methods of lawn are but we need to follow this step. In most Indian soils termites are present.

There is the other problem of fungal infection that may also occur. As per experience it is never found usually in it but if you found it you may treatment the soil with fungicide.

   3. Sawing off the lawn grass

We usually in India have the warm seasons grasses for lawn. Due to our warm weather of the country for around 8 to 9 months a year atmosphere found warm except for a bad rainstorm and a few months of winter.

You can first saw the lawn by planting grass seed as there is some seed spraying technique also available. This technique is useful in the case of large areas and to get uniform growth of the lawn. For example, the Golf course lawn development which usually consists of large lawn areas.

And when you are growing the lawn grass by the seed you need to buy the quality grass seed from a vendor/supplier. 

And the second technique is how to grow lawn grass by cuttings/grass plants from old well-grown lawns. For it, you have to scrape out any existing lawn patch with healthy lush green, insect-free green lawn with “pawda“. And it should be with a root zone for planting in your new garden area.

Usually, first, three types are lawns common in the gardens as described below:

  1. Selection one
  2. Rough lawn ( Axonopus affinish )
  3. Carpet lawn
  4. Semi Carpet 

We will learn in detail about these lawns in the next article.

Feel free to comment with your queries.

how to grow lawn GRASS-(2022)which can give your garden a lush green look
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